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How many times have you gone fishing and wondered how you could get your bait or lure to where the big fish are hiding in areas that were unattainable by basic fishing means? The solution has been found, Caught In Flight is here to show you how. Stephen Morris, a keen fisherman who commenced Caught In Flight, is here to share his experience of kite fishing with you. "You are being given the opportunity to catch the kind of fish you could only dream about using standard equipment. We are confident that you will be amazed and excited at just how easy this can be". "The thought of fishing with a specially designed kite just amazes me. The simple and effective concept in which the kite takes your bait to the fishing area of your choice and gives you the opportunity to fish in places that were always unattainable until now. It just doesn't get any easier than this and that's the way it should be, simple and effective." Stephen Morris, Managing Director.

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Kite Fishing

What is Kite Fishing

Kite Fishing is user friendly, straightforward and a great deal of fun, still to this day just blows me away as to where I can get to with the bait. It’s all up to the individual as to where he targets his fishing area. Read More

From A Ladies Perspective

“So come on ladies if you like to fish then you will love this. It is an awesome experience, so much fun, safe for the kids, quick set up time and easy to pack away”. Read More  

Setting Up Kite Line

If this is your first time flying a kite then I would suggest you spend some time accessing what is around you and looking for dangers. Avoid flying near power lines, roads or where ever you may injure or inconvenience other people. Read More

Right Kite For You

Choose the right kite from our range available in large, medium and small sizes.
Maxi Kite

The Maxi Kite is the flag ship in our collection due to the large size of the kite and its strong pulling power.


The Midi Kite, our fantastic all rounder, has had a face lift. This kite is the main work horse in our stable.


The Mini Kite is the little pocket rocket in our range. It has been designed for stronger wind conditions.

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