Caught in Flight, a supplier of Fishing Kites was created by Stephen Morris, a keen fisherman who, like many others wanted to get the fishing line out just that little bit further in the water where the big ones are hiding. Always looking to catch more fish for the money spent on fishing equipment, travel and time sitting on the edge of the water hoping for that one big fish that always eluded the keen angler. Having spent many months on research and perfecting the quality of the fishing kites Caught In Flight has now become one of the leading Fishing Kite suppliers.

Caught In Flight has an established loyal client base built on a firm foundation of sound business practice. We supply what the market wants and needs at the right price, with no compromise on quality and we do it “on time”. With a commitment to customer satisfaction Caught In Flight is engaged in a continuous improvement process to maintain leadership in customer service and support.

Caught In Flight has a commitment to keep in touch with its client base. Our clients are provided with new products and pricing specials, product launch emails, access to our comprehensive website, and email pricing updates.

Is Caught In Flight a shop?

In short: No. Caught In Flight operates from a web-front, and offers the following advantages over traditional retail outlets.