Our distributors are friendly, well stocked and have close contact with us here at Caught In Flight as well as being well-versed in the art of kite fishing and very approachable. If you would like to become a distributor please contact us, otherwise use our easy search to find a distributor in your area.


Distributor: Dennis Bullard (Australia)
State: SA
Country: Australia
Contact No: 0417877466
Web Address: www.nettiser.com.au
Email: kitefishingsales_SA@nettiser.com.au
Distributor: Gary Anderson (International)
State: Rest Of The World
Address: 833 24th Avenue North Saint Petersburg 33704
Country: United States
Contact No.: 1-941-426-6118 or 1-727-480-2287
Web Address: theonlinefisherman.com
Email: inshoreflorida@gmail.com
Distributor: The Rusty Hooke (International)
State: Rest Of The World
Address: 234 North Gaffey Street – San Pedro
Country: California – USA
Contact No.: 310-832-2429
Web Address: rustyhook.com
Email: rustyhook@rustyhook.com