Frequently Asked Questions

When my kite is in Flight – why does it travel to one side.
It is very important to make sure that the bridle (which is the line that forms the “V� shape attached to the kite) is even. When the bridle line is not the same length on either side of the kite then the kite will travel to one side when in flight.

How Should I Set Up My Kite
Here is a simple picture that will show you how to set the kite up, where to put the blood knot and the distance from the release clip to the kite. This is our recommendation, however don’t restrict yourself from trying

Where will I find the wind charts for South Australia ?
Sea breeze .com has a good coverage of winds all around Australia

Which release clip will work the best for fresh water fishing?
Red release clip is more suited for fresh water due to it light weight.

What’s the reason for using good quality ball bearing swivels?
Good quality swivels are required to remove the twist in the line and allow the bridal to remain open.

Why does my kite refuse to fly when fishing down under a cliff face ?
If fishing under or behind large trees/cliffs or any wind disturbing background it will cause the wind to roll downwards and not allow your kite to be able to get enough clean air to work with. Just retrace your steps back to the top of the cliff or find a clearing to be able to launch the kite and then keep it flying above the cliff in clean air all day, wind permitting. The same rule applies for all the kites, keep the kite up above the dirty air and work with the clean air.

Can I use the kite with live baits ?
Yes this can be achieved with ease, all you have to remember is that you under fly the kite meaning that the kites lifting ability does not exceed the weight of the live bait. Once you have found the right size kite to use and have the bait deployed remember to work the bait back towards you.. This keeps the bait fish swimming madly around and looking as natural as possible.

How do I work the 3 water coloumns ?
Skipping the bait along the top of the water is easy to do by allowing 20 feet of line between the bait and the release clip and allowing the kite to travel out at wind speed. This keeps the kite flying low and allows your bait to skip out over the water. At point of release depending on how you have set your baited line up you can work your bait or lure back through the water at the required speed to work middle or bottom water column.

Do I receive instructions when I purchase my Kite ?
An instructional DVD is supplied with the kite packages sold through this web site.

What kind of Fishing Reel is required ?
Most large overhead reels that have a good drag system will be sufficient. An Alvey 725c snapper reel and most in the range will work as long as they have a locking drag system incorporated Not recommended to be used are the conventional fishing reels as there is a danger of hands coming in contact with an outgoing line which in turn can cause injuries.

Do I need a special type of fishing rod for kite fishing?
No you can use any type of fishing rod you choose. The only reason for using a fishing rod is to act like a shock absorber for the kite and to allow better control of the kite line when launching and retrieving the kite.

Why do the kites come with a drogue (tail)?
All the kites come with a drogue which is used to stabilize the kite whilst in flight.

Will the kites fall into the water once the bait has been released?
If you are using the correct kite for the wind strength which we have recommended then the answer is no. The kites have been designed using very light rip stop nylon and are very stable fliers. The only way the kite will hit the water is if the kites are not set up correctly as specified in the instructions that are supplied

Which kite should I use in the different wind strength?
In light winds we recommend you use the Maxi Kite. In strong winds we recommend you use the Mini Kite. In all other winds we recommend you use the Midi Kite. The reason for using the different kites in the different wind strengths is due to the retrieval of the kite once you have released your bait. It would certainly be hard work to retrieve the Maxi Kite in the strong winds due to its size and how much pulling power it would have.