Tips and Tricks

It is my firm belief that the best presented baits are your greatest asset when fishing.

One method of setting up your bait that I like to use is to feed the trace line through the centre of the fish and allow the bait to lay flat and straight.

Kite Fishing allows you to send your bait out without any “G” forces being applied to the bait, so what you send out is the way it will be presented to the fish. As natural as you can have it.

Here is step by step instructions on how to go about setting up your bait.

Step 1. Lay your bait out and with a skewer make a hole through the centre of the fish all the way to its tail.

Step 2. Push the hook through the hole and allow it to poke out so you can clip the trace line onto the hook.

Step 3. Gently pull the line through the fish and clip the hook into the tail or just leave it proud, the choice is yours.

Step 4. This is easy and only takes a couple of seconds to do and you now have a very well presented fishing bait where the hook is well hidden.

Step 5. This is how your bait should now look. It just doesn’t get any easier than this.


This method is sure to catch the fish you’re targeting.

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5


Step 6