Bait Mates

Jul 18 2018


Here’s another helpful idea from Caught In Flight; a Bait Mate that is easy and simple to use.

Kite fishing allows for unprecedented bait presentation and to continue to assist you in finding this presentation easy we have developed the Bait Mate.
The Bait Mate will help you to set up the best presented bait possible and this is achieved by hiding the line (trace) inside the bait. This concept allows the fishing line to pull straight through the centre of the bait, keeping in mind, the better you can present the bait the greater the chance of hooking a fish and the more productive your fishing trip will be.
Using the Bait Mate and its advantages has been covered in detail in the instructional DVD but let me explain it in here.

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Push the needle down through the middle of the bait until it is fully skewered, orientation is up to you, whether it be head first or tail first. When the Bait Mate has been fully pushed through the bait, open the eye of the needle and put the line on the hooked part of the Bait Mate. Close the arm and pull the line back through the centre of the bait. Hide the shank of the hook inside the bait and attach a second hook to act as a tow point at the mouth or tail of the bait – now you have very well presented bait. If you are using pilchards, squid or any bait fish you can have a straight swimming appearance simply by setting it up with the aid of the Bait Mate.

Making a dozen or so traced baited lines up and placing them in individual freezer bags in the freezer ready for your next fishing adventure certainly comes in handy. These can be marinated in your own tuna oil or any other attractant that you wish to use. Just take them out of the freezer when ready to head out fishing, leave them in their plastic bags until the exact time you need them and just clip them onto the swivel on your fishing line, peel the plastic bags off just prior to putting your bait in the water. This keeps your hands clean and allows the marinating to defrost in the water to act as berley, so you are left with fully marinated bait to attract the fish.

This is the concept behind the Bait Mate and we welcome you to join thousands of customers around the world who have been able to reap the benefits of this very simple, yet effective design.

Another great asset to have in your tackle box!

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