Berley Bags

Jul 18 2018


The Berley Bags that we have in stock are made of a strong nylon material with a push button clamp to keep your burley secure. The Berley Bag can be sent out with your fishing line or attached to your sinker line so that the burley is distributed in direct water flow current. We have found this to be highly successful with many catches made with the aid of berley being distributed in the water current and in direct line with your bait.

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This allows the fish to be attracted to the area of your bait; giving you greater opportunities of catching the elusive fish.
A special tip from the testing division of Caught In Flight: Placing a couple of handfuls of sand in the bag with your burley will remove the need for sinkers should you wish to work your baits through the top or middle water columns and still leave a berley trail for the fish to follow. The sand will fall through the holes in the bag and the berley will remain to attract the fish. A very inexpensive way of distributing berley.

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