Midi Kite

Jul 18 2018


The Midi Kite, our fantastic all rounder, has had a face lift. This kite is the main work horse in our stable. It now has a larger surface area which means a greater weight bearing capacity. You will see that the Midi Kite now has a white main body with the logo clearer than ever. We have found that our logo, a bird of prey, will act as a scarecrow, keeping any other birds in flight away from the kite.

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The Midi Kite, like our other kites in the range is made of tough rip stop nylon with two fibre-glass rods permanently sewn into the kite and reinforced. The fibre-glass rods give the kite greater stability in flight. The drogue (tail) is larger in size than it was in our previous range with a mesh floor for better air circulation. The new shape kite has a “V” tail at the bottom which affords better aerodynamics. The bridle line has been increased and can be wound up on the small handles which are supplied with the kite.

The Midi Kite is an exceptional kite to use in light to moderate winds and will do the job with great success. It has a substantial weight bearing capacity and as all our kites is suited to salt and fresh water. It is easily retrieved and certainly stands out when in flight. The Midi Kite floats aloft easily above a lake for fresh water fishing whether you are out on the water or fishing from the bank. For getting your bait out into the deep water or over the shore break, past the rocks and snags, the Midi Kite is your task horse. The Midi Kite is a kite you will certainly wish you had when you are out fishing and you know where the big fish are but you just can’t get to them. Do yourself a favour and keep a Midi Kite in your tackle box – you won’t regret it!

The size of the Midi Kite is 110cm.

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